Saturday, February 28, 2015


While waiting for Kathryn and Aditi around Iidabashi, I decided to play around, take photos and find Ushi Tenjin Temple for it's Plum Blossoms. The sister of cherry blossoms, plum blossoms is a symbol of winter and nearing of spring, most of them have five petals and yellow-ish center. I walked from Iidabashi station to Ushi Tenjin Temple but the closest station would be "Korakuen". Drop by if you're looking for plum blossoms in Tokyo, they haven't fully bloomed yet so this coming week might be the perfect time to visit! It's a small but very beautiful temple named after "Ushi" or cow in Japanese.


Bump into Marippe at the entrance, I somehow forgot that she's a nylon blogger. We were both shocked to see each other at the event. Always good to see her!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


1. Chi Chi's surprise kawaii gift art (based on this post) definitely made my week. When I received it, I just knew, I'll be all smiles. 

2. Our Kawaii Tokyo progress! I'm sorry if you won't read any recent Tokyo guides here, everything I've been writing new will be published at OKT's website or book. I couldn't be anymore thankful that it's a joint project with Kaila because isn't she the best partner for anything like this? It started with an idea and now it's really happening.. Wow! We're both working hard for it so.. stay tuned!

3. I'm just thankful for good health as it should always be the priority! Never forget to drink enough water or else you'll get bad migraines like I did.  

4. New Häagen Dazs flavour "Opera". As much as I'm disappointed with "Antoinette" which was made with "high-grade red wine" and contains 0.6 alcohol, I'm happy with Opera! 

5. New awareness about suffering - I've been watching The Philosophy Tube so much lately that it influenced my way of thinking. If you haven't read about it yet, Philosophy is one of my favourite subjects in uni thus I'm really glad to find a space where it's celebrated. Now, I kind of have this "enlightening" experience about suffering where in I shouldn't support anything that cause any living thing to suffer such as aquariums. There was an issue about it when I've posted about Hakkejima Sea Paradise last month where in someone posted a link to the documentary "The Cove" on my facebook post with regards to it. And although I'm not fully impressed with the said documentary as I feel like it's very one sided and anti-Japan, I think it made enough point that the dolphins / sea creatures that are caught and put into aquariums are actually suffering. After thinking about it thoroughly with the help of The Philosophy Tube as well, I consider aquariums as an inconsiderate way to introduce animals to people. This thought left me guilty that I've participated in a dolphin show just by watching it. Never Again.

6. Loved by Ashley Dy is my online shop for second hand and brand new Japanese and luxury brands / goods. I am personally selecting the items in the store so if you like my style, I'm sure you'll love the items in the store too. I also support the idea of second hand goods, vintage items, brand new authentic goods being sold at cheaper price. In relation to hedonism, the "no matter how much pleasure people get, they still end up wanting more" idea is true. And for me, getting second hand (that sometimes, is actually brand new) is a clever way to shop. You are still supporting the designers/industry in this way because you're not buying fake goods but at the same time you're just being your smart self. 

PS. Do you like to read this kind of post? Let me know and let's decide together if I should write another one next week! Thank you so much for reading! x

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Kawaii art by my friend Chi Chi / The Little Miss Paint Brush / Thank you Chi chi, you really made my day! Photos based on this post / how to make your ldr work

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Allie, KailaLaura and I spent post Valentine's day together. We agreed to meet up at 10:00am at first then we realized that Pierre Hermé (my favourite macaron store for it's taste / Ladurée for packaging) is closed 'til 11:00am. Then while we're waiting for the store to open, we found out that the café would actually open at 12:00. Uh oh! So.. we tried eating proper meal first at this pancake cafe by journal standard.