Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello from Yokohama. Carey and I braved the weather for these photos. It was scarily windy last Sunday but we still wanted to shoot outdoors. Yokohama is beautiful, I just have to explore more! I promise you guys that I'll tour you around my area more this year! We have to maximize every resources we got, right? Each and everyone of us has strengths and weaknesses, it's just very different from each other. I really believe in helping each other to achieve goals and share your uniqueness to the world. 
PS. We're planning to go to Roponggi again this weekend and I'm very excited! 

Photos by Carey


Chai said...

Yokohamaaaaaa! I know it quite well since GazettE usually have their tour finals here! I envy you for living in their hometown, haha! Also, love all your cat things!! H&M has the cutest cat print things but it's taking them forever to open locally </3

mei // めい said...

love your outfit <3